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Postural Control Suit 

Children's Sensory Deep Compression Clothing

With Kyrios Suit ©
life becomes much easier and more functional.

Reinforcement, support, containment, and balance where you need it. 

It molds to the body
through an anatomical mesh.

Kyrios Suit ©

The therapist's hands are present all time.

Kyrios Suit ©

Identidad de Marca Kyrios Suit

Provides stability to the joints to help weight bearing. 

Identidad de Marca Kyrios Suit

Fabric that repels moisture and cold from the outside. Allows sweat evaporation.

Identidad de Marca Kyrios Suit

Postural control maintains posture against gravity and favors straightening reactions.

Identidad de Marca Kyrios Suit

A soft cloth with Aloe Vera is extra-pleasant to the touch, light, absorbent, and lightweight. 

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Kyrios Suit? 

Let's make life easier and more functional together

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