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Kyrios Suit © Datasheet

Ilustración de estructura de Kyrios Suit

The internal body (2), which is in direct contact with the user's skin, is made of a mesh-type textile material made of elastane and polyamide; It has a three-dimensional, light and flexible fabric that allows air flow, dissipating body temperature and transporting moisture to keep the user cool and comfortable, it also does not deform with subsequent use and washing, it is easy and quick to care for. drying, in addition this textile material has elastic fibers that provide greater elongation and recovery of shape to provide better fit, freedom of movement and a comfortable feeling during use.  

This textile has a process of impregnation of emollients with microcapsules of active ingredients specially designed to deliver different benefits such as skin care and health, as well as protection to the same textile against the growth of fungi and bacteria avoiding bad odor caused by sweat and humidity providing greater confidence, a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.  

These emollients are a non-greasy lipid called Cosmacol Emi, said multifunctional emollient has highly moisturizing properties for dry or aged skin, helps to regulate the level of fat that the skin loses over time and prevents deterioration, it is also used for garments compression for cosmetic and / or surgical use as it is a non-greasy lipid similar to the hydrolipidic skin mantle.  

Likewise, this same textile is impregnated with medicinal plants such as ginkgo biloba which has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic properties and is recognized for its ability to produce and regenerate collagen in the skin and cells, also this ginkgo biloba has an antioxidant and antioxidant effect. anti-aging and at the same time it stimulates microcirculation, tones the skin, and helps treat diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, it is also known as a skin firming and oxygenating agent.  

Seaweeds which have properties such as improving lymphatic and blood circulation, also revitalize and firm the skin, oxygenate, detoxify the skin and restore its moisture levels, at the same time promote tissue regeneration and activate cell metabolism, remineralize , they hydrate, purify and nourish, improve the texture and tone of the skin, help to reverse the effects of stress, pollution and bad eating habits that deteriorate our skin and are rich in trace elements (10 times more than terrestrial plants).  

Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties that help the skin in its natural regenerative process. It is especially useful for reducing scars after surgery, it also provides natural protection against ultraviolet rays and their negative effects, it is also an antioxidant that helps the body fight free radicals that make us age, helps protect the body Against environmental hazards such as pollution and overexposure to sunlight, it helps to regenerate the skin, improving elasticity.  

In this way, this mesh-type fabric composed with these emollients repels moisture and cold from the outside, a large number of pores allow easy evaporation of sweat. The fabric cools down during warm nights, and if it is cold, on the contrary, it heats up.  

It is antipruritic, reduces the coagulation temperature in inflamed parts of the body. They act as a natural humidifier, which adds moisture to all layers of human skin, enhances normal cell proliferation, thus accelerating the regenerative phase of the healing process.  

The body (3) is also composed of a thicker micro-perforated mesh than the previous one that strategically rests on muscles called anti-gravitational, which achieve the main function of Kyrios suit.  

The Body (4) is a mesh also made of elastane and thin polyamide which groups the other 2 above to form a single fabric as a whole. The latter has the impression of our brand, as well as colorful to see it more striking to children.  

Finally, Kyrios suit is presented as a single piece, where parents or therapists only have to fasten it previously by a closure, which also does not have contact with the user's skin since it is isolated from behind, a pair of velcro closures back level of the shoulders and another pair of velcro that in turn close towards the side of the leg. 

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