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Terms and Conditions




KYRIOS SUIT LLC is a company legally incorporated under the laws

of the United States of America, identified with FILE No. 804047778

with address at PO BOX 39325 San Antonio Texas, 78218-78218, which

For the purposes of these terms, it will be called THE COMPANY.


This document governs the terms of access, navigation and use of

this website by THE CLIENT (or CLIENTS) and comprises an agreement

with THE COMPANY which includes access to the website, access to the

information and availability to carry out a commercial transaction.

Anyone who registers on the Portal and / or who makes a

commercial transaction in this, declares that you know and accept each and every

one of the provisions established in these Terms and

Terms. Consequently, all acts and contracts that are celebrated on or through the website will be subject to the provisions contained in this document and the applicable current legislation.


Anyone who does not accept these Terms and Conditions and the

Data Processing Policy of THE COMPANY, which have

mandatory and binding nature, you must refrain from using, accessing,

register or carry out any act of commerce on it or through the site



This document incorporates the terms of additional documents,

amendments or modifications of the same.



CLIENT is any natural person who enters the website

( in order to access, link,

navigate and carry out a commercial transaction, THE CLIENT will act in

own name or on behalf of a legal person, according to

corresponding, for the same must have full legal powers of

carry out any contractual action (purchase).

WEBSITE is understood as that digital place where it is located

hosted all the content that the user can acquire, includes all

what is there, the articles for sale and the material of

information and consultation; the website is operated by LA



This document is the one that contains all the parameters of use,

rights and obligations of the content of the website, here are contemplated

the provisions, parameters and prohibitions to make correct use of

all services, products that are marketed that are located at

available to the user according to the specifications contemplated in

these terms and conditions.



These terms and conditions are read and accepted.

in its entirety by THE CUSTOMER who recognizes and accepts that he uses the site

web and its services under your responsibility and risk, attending to the

terms and conditions of this agreement.



THE COMPANY offers through the website (

the commercialization of the KYRIOS suit and other articles of LA



THE CUSTOMER when selecting a product must choose and

select its size on the website according to the table of measurement indications displayed on the website. THE CUSTOMER declares that he understands and accepts that the size indicated on the product (s) and packaging may vary or differ from the one he normally uses, since the manufacturer uses

their own sizes and many times they are in agreement

with the international measurement standards of the country of origin of the

manufacturer or producer.


It is the responsibility of the CLIENT to review the instructions very well

informed on the website and in case of any doubt you can request the

information that you consider necessary through the service area

Client of THE COMPANY. The exchange of the product for a different size

will proceed in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 8 "Change by



On the part of THE COMPANY, an effort has been made so that the colors

of the products seen in the photos are as close as possible to

reality. However, the color of the products may vary by

factors such as light, contrast, quality of the computer monitor

in which they are displayed, among others; for the same reason it cannot be guaranteed

that the colors displayed on the website correspond

exactly to those of the reality of the Products.


4.1 Out of Stock Inventory.

THE CLIENT declares to understand and accept that it can be presented

situations such as the product (s) being out of stock in the term in which the

transaction is executed once the order is placed through the site

Web. Under this situation THE COMPANY is empowered to return the

transaction and consequently return the money paid for the product

sold out, or submit the request to the waiting list, under a consecutive number of

prioritization according to the order of entry of new orders; in any case,

This situation will be informed to the client immediately so that

it is this who determines which is the option that best suits you.


In the event that this situation arises, we will proceed in a

timely to report this situation to the Client, without it generating

any responsibility for THE COMPANY, nor the power to request

compensation for damages by the CLIENT.



The values established and published on the website are expressed in

dollars and correspond to the unit price of each product. Not include

additional shipping costs, or any other additional costs.


Additional expenses, such as taxes or shipping that are caused by

reason for the purchase, will be indicated and reported in the Order,

prior to the acceptance of the Order Order.


THE COMPANY reserves the right to change the

value established on the website about the product (s), and to correct the

pricing errors that may occur inadvertently.


By purchasing the product (s), you agree that: (i) you have full legal capacity

to carry out the transaction (ii) you are entering into an agreement

legally binding, which undertakes to acquire the product (s) already

complete the purchase process through the payment platform

established on the website.



Once the purchase transaction has been executed and firm THE COMPANY

will start with the enlistment process and send the product to the address

or address provided by THE CLIENT, process for which

establishes an approximate term of thirty (30) calendar days.


It is the CLIENT's obligation to inspect the Product (s) immediately

after delivery.


In the event that THE CUSTOMER detects that the packaging of the Product (s) is damaged or open, he must proceed to open it and

verify the status of the product (s), leave a written record of such

situation in the presence of the official of the company providing the

transport service. Similarly, in the event of any

failure, defect or damage to the Product, THE CLIENT must contact

the customer service area and report such situation and deliver and put the

product available to THE COMPANY, in good condition, by virtue of its

right as a consumer to make the change.


Once the product (s) has been received by the CLIENT or the

person designated by him, THE COMPANY will not be responsible for the

loss or destruction of the Product delivered.


In the event that delivery cannot be made to the CLIENT under the

following situations: i) Because THE CLIENT refuses to receive it without

any justification; ii) that THE transporting COMPANY does not find the

address or domicile supplied by THE CLIENT. THE COMPANY (without

prejudice to exercise another right or available remedy) will be empowered to

Failure to deliver the Product, for which in the first instance

must notify the Customer of the cancellation of their order and subsequent

proceed with the reimbursement of the net value on the product (s).


The cost of shipping the Product (s) is set at an approximate value

according to the state or country to which it should be sent, as well as under other

considerations such as weight, dimensions and guidelines of the

transport company established for each case. This value is

will inform the Customer in the summary reflected in the shopping cart at

moment of making the transaction on the Portal.



The sales invoice with the detail of the electronic transaction carried out

by THE CLIENT will be issued and sent in electronic format to the mail

electronic supplied through the website. Additionally it may be

downloaded directly by THE CUSTOMER on the Portal by entering your

account to "My Orders", or through our customer service channel.

(at this point it is important to establish how the invoice will be handled

electronic or the supporting document under accounting advice)


In the event that THE COMPANY detects a fraudulent order, or

suspicious, carried out by dealers, resellers or

dealers; THE COMPANY reserves the right to reject said

order, THE COMPANY reserves the right to limit or cancel the

units of product (s) acquired by THE CLIENT under the same

transaction and destined to the same billing and / or shipping address.


In case of such a situation and it is arranged by LA

COMPANY cancellation or change of an order, we will proceed to notify

to the customer via email.

THE CLIENT agrees to provide true and complete information to the

time of conducting an electronic transaction through the website.

For the same reason, THE CLIENT will voluntarily provide his

personal information, contact, email, address or

address, card number, effective date; under the sole purpose of

complete the electronic transaction, proceed with the shipment and contact

contact if necessary.





Because our product (s) is considered a wearing suit

personal or intimate, the possibility of return of the

product for health and safety reasons, therefore THE COMPANY does not

determines a return and refund policy (RETRACT).


The product (s) can only be exchanged for a different size under the

premise of NOT HAVING BEEN USED, and / or deterioration due to causes external to the

client. Who will have a term of ten (10) days after the

receipt of the product (s) to inform THE COMPANY of its situation and

proceed with the shipment through the same transport company

arranged by KYRIOS, which will cover the shipping costs from the headquarters

main of the transport company in the CUSTOMER's country of origin

to the main address of THE KYRIOS COMPANY.


IMPORTANT: KYRIOS will not assume shipping costs when it is intended

make a change for the second time by the CLIENT, this

It must be assumed by the same.



THE CLIENT may request that the payment of a product be reversed

purchased on the website directly when the product (s) purchased

is not received by conditions beyond your control, or the product

delivered does not correspond to what was requested or is defective.


THE CLIENT must notify THE KYRIOS COMPANY through the

customer service within a term of five (05) business days following the

presumed date you should have received the product (s), the novelty

of defective product or the one that had not ordered. In the latter case, THE CUSTOMER must return the Product according to the

established procedure to exercise the right of withdrawal.


The return of the money whatever the card payment method has been

credit or payment through debit card, will be made through

bank transfer, to the account provided by THE CLIENT; In the

event in which THE CLIENT does not have a bank account, KYRIOS

will refund the money through a deposit for the benefit of the

CLIENT through an exchange office. No refunds will be made for

money in the name of third parties, in order to avoid fraud.



The product (s) that are marketed through the website will have a

guarantee of ninety (90) calendar days from receipt

of the Product (s) by the CLIENT. The guarantee may be required by

defective conditions of the product (s) (seams, finishes, quality

of materials) that the Product has defects in quality or

suitability; that is, it has deficiencies in manufacturing, processing,

and / or that is not entirely suitable for the use for which it is intended.


The repaired product or its replacement with a new one will be sent to the Customer

to the address provided in the registry or to the place indicated in writing to the

KYRIOS Customer service area.


If the product could be repaired, this management will be carried out within

the following thirty (30) business days counted from the following day

in which the Product is received at the address of THE producing COMPANY

by KYRIOS. Should it take longer due to the complexity of the

repair, the Customer will be informed of such situation.


In the event that the Product cannot be repaired or the initial failure persists

The product will be replaced by an identical one or with characteristics

Similar. Repairs made to the products will not have any

cost, and its transportation will be assumed by KYRIOS.


If it is decided to replace the good for another equal or one with characteristics

similar, the change will be made within twenty (20) business days

following the date on which the product subject to exchange is received in the

KYRIOS wineries, and the term of the guarantee begins to run



To request the effectiveness of the guarantee, THE CLIENT must contact

contact with the Customer service area (phone, chat or mail

electronic) and report the damage to the Product (s) and make it available to KYRIOS within fifteen (15) business days

as of the date on which the request for the guarantee was filed.


Once the request has been filed by the CLIENT, THE COMPANY will proceed with

the request to the transport company to generate a guide

reverse transport, of which the client will be notified via mail

electronic so that you know the procedure to follow according to the

directions from the shipping company. It is important to highlight that, EL

CUSTOMER is solely responsible for shipping the Product (s) to the

KYRIOS warehouses at their main address; to the same THE CUSTOMER

must exhaust all resources within the indicated term in order to

exercise your right of guarantee.




KYRIOS SUIT LLC, is published at the bottom of the website, in which you can click to know

more in-depth all aspects of information collection and management

supplied by THE CLIENT.



declares to understand and accept that once you supply and / or register on the site

Web, you agree to receive notifications of blogs, offers and information through

from your email; in the same sense, THE CLIENT has full power

to cancel your subscription or request the deletion of your data

personal at any time, so as not to receive further communications

relating to THE COMPANY, under that understanding KYRIOS will deactivate your data

or it will suppress them according to the case.



KYRIOS SUIT LLC, at any time and without authorization or

prior notice, you can modify the information contained in the website; in

Regarding prices, this information will be kept until

moment of validation of the transaction made by THE CLIENT,

Thus, THE COMPANY is obliged to maintain the conditions

initially offered and current at the time of the transaction.


THE COMPANY reserves the right at any time to modify or

interrupt the Service (or any part or content thereof) without

prior notice at any time.



Through this website opinions and concepts are shared

formulated by experts in the field of physiotherapy and other

related professions, despite the expertise of people

involved in the BLOG, THE KYRIOS COMPANY is not responsible for the

inaccuracies or veracity of the information available on the website.


The content or material presented on this website has only the

character of general information, so it is the responsibility of the user

of the website the handling and use that gives such information, should not

be trusted, nor used as the sole basis for making decisions without

consult other sources of information that are more precise, more complete or

more timely.


In no case THE COMPANY, our directors, officers,

employees, brand ambassadors, suppliers, service providers

services will be responsible for any injury, loss, claim or

any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special damages, or damages

consequential of any kind, including, but not limited to, loss of profit, profit

loss, loss of savings, loss of data, replacement costs or

any similar damages, whether by contract, tort (including negligence),

strict liability or otherwise, arising from the use of the services

and product (s) set out on the website, or for any other claim

related in any way to your use of the service or any

product, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in

any content, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred

as a result of using the service or any content (or product)

published, transmitted or made available through the service, including

if it is warned of its possibility. Because some states or

jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability

for consequential or incidental damages, in such states or jurisdictions,

our liability will be limited to the maximum permitted by law.



All visual content, design, functionality, user experience,

metadata, programming code, animations, graphics, writing,

photographs etc., belong to THE COMPANY. In the same way it is determined that the

Product (s) is protected through the Utility Model title

Patent in favor of THE COMPANY.


All content hosted and product (s) set on the website are

are protected by Intellectual Property Law


The company KYRIOS SUIT LLC. How much with the authorization for the use of

the image rights on photographs or procedures analogous and / or digital to photography, or audiovisual productions (videos), by

of the guardians or those responsible for the minors who have been part of the

COMPANY advertising campaigns.

If you consider that the content available through the website

infringes on copyright or your Intellectual Property notify LA

COMPANY following the guidelines established according to the Digital

Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 ("DMCA") via mail

email with the subject DMCA.



When THE CLIENT makes inappropriate use and / or breaches the terms and

conditions contemplated in this agreement, it will be responsible

exclusive of the damages caused to THE COMPANY.


The content of the website cannot be used or related to the

following actions: (a) for any illegal purpose; (b) request to

others who carry out or participate in illegal acts; (c) violate any

regulation, rule, law or local ordinance international, federal, provincial

or state; (d) infringe or violate our intellectual property rights

or the intellectual property rights of third parties; (e) harass, abuse,

insult, harm, defame, slander, belittle, intimidate or discriminate

based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age,

nationality or disability; (f) submit false or misleading information; (g)

upload or transmit viruses or other malicious code

that will or may be used in any way that affects the

functionality or operation of the Service or any website

related, other websites or the Internet; (h) to collect or track the

personal information of others; (i) send spam, phishing, pharm, pretext,

spider, crawl or scrape; (j) for any obscene or immoral purpose; or

(k) to interfere with or circumvent the security features of the Service or

any related website, other websites or the Internet. Us

we reserve the right to terminate your use of the Service or any site

related website for violating any of the prohibited uses.



The fact that we do not exercise or enforce any right or

provision of these Terms of Service will not constitute a waiver of

said right or provision.


These Terms of Service and any posted operating policies or rules

by THE COMPANY on this website constitute the entire agreement and

understanding against the offer, nullifying any agreement,

Prior communications and proposals, whether oral or written, between you and us (including, but not limited to, previous versions of the Terms

of service).

Any ambiguity in the interpretation of these Terms of Service

It will not be construed against THE COMPANY.



This agreement will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of THE STATES

UNIDOS DE AMERICA, without the possibility of conflicts of law

(Private international right). If any statement of these Terms

and Conditions is incomplete, unenforceable, declared null, non-existent

or ineffective, it must be interpreted within its framework and in

any case will not affect the validity and applicability of the indications




The Customer Service area will attend to requests, complaints, claims and

user inquiries through the following means: on the lines

attention or email

in the schedule: Monday to Sunday from 08:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

keep going.




THE CLIENT declares to understand and accept that in the event that he uses the

payment gateway (PayPal) the general terms and conditions will apply

of use for buyers which can be directly validated

on the page


These conditions are effective as of August 1, 2021. 

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