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Why use Kyrios Suit?

Kyrios Suit© is a suit for Postural Control in patients with postural and/or movement alterations of neurological or orthopedic origin.

Benefits of using Kyrios Suit©

  • Postural control, maintains posture against gravity and promotes straightening reactions.

  • Provides stability to the joints to help weight bearing.

  • Perfectly molds to the body thanks to the Powernet system, a type of anatomical mesh. X reinforcements promote the activation of postural muscles:

  • Provides safety and allows freedom of movement. Promotes proprioception.

  • Soft fabric with Aloe Vera, extra-pleasant to the touch, light, very absorbent and lightweight.

  • Fabric that repels moisture and cold from the outside. Allows sweat evaporation.

  • Anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and skin moisturizing properties.

  • Easy to put on and simple to use: a single piece that does not require prior training with Velcro fasteners only on shoulders and legs and a front closure.

  • Large opening at genital level to facilitate diaper changing, hygiene or quick access to the bathroom

Why is life changing?

  • To be the extended presence of the therapist's hands when he or she is gone.


  • Satisfaction, rest and joy in knowing that parents can better mobilize their children and access new activities that were not possible before.

The constant and continuous use of Kyrios together with adequate physical training (therapeutic rehabilitation activities) will generate efficient movements achieving functional

A picture is worth a thousand words:

(and in this case it is more than one picture)

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